OAR 581-001-0053
Parking Rules (OSSD)


There shall be no charge to employees of the Oregon State Schools for the Deaf for parking automobiles at the school or for using bicycle racks provided by the Department.


The Department may issue parking permits to other employees who wish to park at the school. The parking rate for such permits will be one-half of the O rider permits issued for the Pringle site rounded to the nearest half dollar.


The Department provides parking for official business only, unless other arrangements are expressly made for employees (during working hours), visitors, commercial service, and state-owned vehicles. Persons who fail to comply with this rule shall forfeit their parking privileges, and be subject to the enforcement provisions specified in OAR 581-023-0052(12). The Department may provide the following types of additional parking:


Specially marked or designated free parking for the temporary use of individuals with handicaps visiting state offices. Vehicles occupying such spaces shall bear the appropriate identifying plate or decal sticker issued by the Motor Vehicles Division;


Time-limited free spaces for use by persons transacting business in state offices. No state employee shall abuse this class of parking;


Free spaces designated for commercial loading and service vehicle use only.


Provisions for safety and enforcement set forth in OAR 581-001-0052(11) and (12) shall apply as well to parking facilities at the Oregon State School for the Deaf.


Effective date of these amendments shall be September 1, 1988.

Source: Rule 581-001-0053 — Parking Rules (OSSD), https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=581-001-0053.

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