OAR 581-051-0560
Responsibilities of Sponsors

Every Sponsor shall:


Hire or retain a FSMC only in accordance with these rules and with federal policy.


Includes in its request for proposals the 21-day cycle menu with food specifications.


Ensure that food provided by FSMCs is consistent with the 21-day cycle menu, meet food specifications and of good quality; changes to the 21-day cycle menu may be made after 21 days of implementation, upon mutual agreement of the sponsor and the FSMC;


Monitor the operation and performance of the FSMC to ensure that the FSMC complies with the contract, with these rules and with federal policy. The Sponsor shall maintain records of same, and provide such records to the Department upon request;


Coordinate, monitor, review and control food service operations, and perform the responsibilities that must be retained by Sponsors under federal policy, including but not limited to:


National School Lunch Program, School Breakfast Program, Special Milk Program;


Signature authority of state agency — sponsor agreement;


Activities contained in the free and reduced price policy statement;




Use of nonprofit food service account revenues only for allowable costs;


Ensure full utilization of federally donated foods for the benefit of the school food service program;


Annual food safety inspections;


Establishing an advisory board composed of parents, teachers and students to assist in menu writing three times a year;


Child and Adult Food Program:


Assign Sponsor staff with authority to manage program;


Assure compliance with regulations;


Approve Confidential Income Statements and develop OMAR;


Monitor sites;


Correct problems found during site monitoring or record reviews;


Train staff with CACFP duties;


Attend annual ODE training for CACFP Sponsors;


Approve menus;


Review and maintain all required CACFP records; actual menus served, documentation demonstrating CACFP menu compliance; invoices for meals purchased; confidential income statements,


Validate and submit reimbursement claims;


Communicate with FSMC;


Complete annual ODE Agreement Renewal application Summer Food Service Program:


Ordering meals for sites;


Maintaining program records;


Submitting claim for reimbursement;


Training and monitoring sites;


Determining eligibility for free and reduced price meals in order to establish site eligibility.


Administer the contract so as to provide for good, efficient and effective use of public funds, and avoid delegating responsibility for contract administration to the FSMC;


If the contract provides for reimbursement of costs to the FSMC, independently monitor costs incurred under the contract for compliance with 7 CFR Sec. 3015, 3016 or 3019, and other applicable federal policies; and


Perform all functions required by federal regulation and by guidance of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Source: Rule 581-051-0560 — Responsibilities of Sponsors, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=581-051-0560.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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