OAR 582-030-0020
Release of Information to Other Agencies, Organizations, or Authorities


Form 2099 (Authorization for Use and Disclosure of Health Information), or other sufficient written authorization, shall be used to obtain client permission to release or obtain client information. Before the client or client’s representative signs this form it must be completed to indicate informed consent, involved parties and timelines for obtaining or releasing specified information. For a client who has been adjudicated legally incapacitated, the parent or legal guardian must also sign the form.
(2) The cover page of any document, record, or report containing the Program’s client information released to any other agency, organization or person shall be imprinted with a statement that reads:
This information cannot be released to any other person, agency, or organization without the prior written approval of the Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Program.

(3) Release to other agencies or programs. Upon receiving the informed written consent of the individual, the Program may release individual information to another agency or organization to assist with vocational rehabilitation services. The Program may restrict disclosure of individual information believed to be harmful if released directly to an individual until the Program secures written agreement from the requester that the information shall be used only for the purposes authorized and may not be further released to the individual.
(4) Release for audit, evaluation, or research. The Program may release confidential information to an organization, agency, or authority engaged in audit, evaluation, or research only for purposes directly connected with the administration of the vocational rehabilitation program, or for purposes which would significantly improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities and only when the Program is assured that:
(a) The information shall be used only for the purposes authorized;
(b) The information shall be released only to authorities officially connected with the authorized activity;
(c) The information shall not be released to the involved individual;
(d) The information shall be managed in a manner to safeguard confidentiality; and
(e) The final product shall not reveal the identity of any involved individual without the individual or representative’s written consent.
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Source: Rule 582-030-0020 — Release of Information to Other Agencies, Organizations, or Authorities, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=582-030-0020.

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