OAR 582-050-0060


There is no requirement for duration of residence in Oregon as part of the determination of eligibility.


OVRS may provide services to an otherwise eligible individual, available and able to participate in services leading to an employment outcome, if the individual is:


Currently living in the State of Oregon, regardless of duration; or


Currently and legally employable in the State of Oregon and seeking services to retain or advance in employment with the same employer; or


All of the following apply:


The individual is currently living in a state not in an Order of Selection;


The vocational rehabilitation office closest to the individual’s residence is an OVRS office; and


The individual is not in the state for the sole purpose of receiving vocational rehabilitation services.


OVRS may, through mutual agreement, cooperate with another state’s Vocational Rehabilitation Agency in the implementation or supervision of planned services of an Individualized Plan for Employment.


Reasonable effort is made to assure that duplicate services are not provided concurrently in more than one state VR Agency nor shall more than one file per individual be open and active within OVRS.


When an individual in open plan status establishes residence in another state and is no longer available to participate actively with the Oregon case-carrying counselor in the provision of services, the counselor may:


Negotiate with the Vocational Rehabilitation Agency of the new state-of-residence to obtain assistance in supervision of the OVRS services needed to complete the plan and obtain employment; or


Close the case file ’other than rehabilitated’ due to the individual being ’unavailable for services.’ If requested by the individual, the office may provide copies of appropriate in-file data to the vocational rehabilitation agency of the new state-of-residence.


The office may close an individual’s case file when the individual relocates outside the state of Oregon if:


The individual is not in plan status; or


The individual does not meet Residency criteria.


OVRS may retain the case file of an individual who relocates outside of Oregon if the individual is in open plan status at the time of relocation and remains available to participate actively with the Oregon case-carrying counselor.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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