OAR 582-075-0030
Medical Evidence of Record (MER) and Narrative Charges


OAR 582-075-0010 (General Policy)(2) and (3) do not govern payment for Medical Evidence of Record and Narratives.


OVRS payment for existing medical records shall not exceed the lesser of the following:


The lowest fee that the vendor charges the general public or other state agencies for the service; or


When the invoice itemizes the number of pages copied and provided:


$18.00 for ten or fewer pages;


$0.25 per page for pages 11 to 20;


$0.10 per page for pages greater than 21; and


A total maximum payment of $22.50.


When the invoice does not itemize the number of pages copied and provided, a total maximum payment of $18.00.


Additional payment will not be made for second or subsequent requests when the information to be provided was available to the vendor when the original request was processed.


Integrated records will be paid as a single record request.


When OVRS receives copies of existing medical records within 7 days from the date recorded on the OVRS record request, OVRS shall pay the vendor an additional $5.00. Time shall be measured from the date of the OVRS written request to the date that OVRS electronically receipts the copies or receives them in the rehabilitation services local office.


When OVRS and a vendor enter a public contract for the contractor to obtain existing medical records on behalf of OVRS and perform additional related services:


The contract governs payment to the contractor;


The fee schedule prescribed by subsection (2) governs the contractor’s payment to those from whom the contractor obtains the medical records.


No bonus, as prescribed by subsection (5) of this rule shall be paid by OVRS or by the contractor.


When purchasing a brief narrative, OVRS shall pay the amount billed up to a maximum payment of $35.00.


When purchasing a complete narrative, OVRS shall pay the amount billed up to a maximum payment of $75.00.


A supplier of records under this rule is not entitled to any payments if the supplier fails to provide the records requested within a specific deadline identified in the letter requesting the records, and OVRS is not able to make use of the records as a result.

Source: Rule 582-075-0030 — Medical Evidence of Record (MER) and Narrative Charges, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=582-075-0030.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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