OAR 582-150-0050
Services for students and youth provided as individual or group services


Required services may be provided to students as individual or group services.
(2) The Program may provide the five required pre-employment transition services, to groups of students:
(a) Who are eligible or potentially eligible for the Program’s services, and
(b) Are not services directly related to an individual’s IPE goal; and
(c) Provided by, or in concert with the Program, including but not limited to:
(A) State agencies;
(B) Educational agencies;
(C) Service providers for job training programs;
(D) Providers of services under Medicaid program under title XIX of the SSA;
(E) Entities designed by the state to provide services for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities;
(F) Centers for Independent Living;
(G) Housing and transportation authorities;
(H) Workforce development systems; and
(I) Businesses and employers.
(3) If a student with disabilities requests Program services other than pre-employment transition services, the student:
(a) Shall apply and be determined eligible for Program services.
(b) May receive supported employment services if the Program assessment determines it is appropriate for the student because they:
(A) Experience a most significant disability; and
(B) Require supported employment services to gain or maintain employment.
(4) The Program may provide extended services (see OAR 582 Division 72 Supported Services) to a youth who is most significantly disabled and eligible for Program supported employment services.
(5) Program services for any eligible student or youth, during transition shall:
(a) Be vocational rehabilitation in nature; and
(b) Support and be designed to lead to achievement of the vocational goal in the individualized plan for employment;
(c) Consistent with the student’s or youth’s unique strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests, and informed choice;
(d) Be provided to the maximum extent possible, in an integrated, community setting; and
(e) Not be services that are the responsibility of the school district, Department programs including Developmental Disabilities Services, or Oregon Health Authority programs including Addiction and Mental Health services, or of any other agency or program.
(6) The Program in collaboration with the local education agencies or other programs and agencies may provide other necessary support services.
(a) Funding of other necessary support services shall be determined in collaboration with the local school system.
(b) If a student with a disability requires an auxiliary aid or service to access or participate in any of the pre-employment transition services, the Program shall pay for the costs if no other public entity is required to provide the aid or service.
(c) Expenditures incurred for the purchase or acquisition of auxiliary aids and services
(A) Constitute an allowable pre-employment transition services cost; and
(B) The Program may use funds reserved for the provision of pre-employment transition services to pay for those auxiliary aids and services.
(d) Personal devices and services that do not meet the definition of auxiliary aids and services include:
(A) Individually-prescribed devices, such as prescription eyeglasses or hearing aids, readers for personal use or study; or
(B) Services of a personal nature.
(e) If a student with a disability requires personal devices or services or individually-prescribed assistive technology, the Program shall:
(A) Work with the student to determine whether they meet the eligibility criteria of the Program; and
(B) If so, develop an individualized plan for employment for the provision of those additional services.
(C) The Program shall have primary financial responsibility for Program services but it shall use comparable benefits when that does not impede the progress of plan activities as described in the individualized plan for employment.
(D) The student shall participate in the financial needs test as appropriate.
(f) Services not constituting pre-employment transition services or auxiliary aids and services necessary for a student to access or participate in those services:
(A) Shall not be paid with funds reserved under section 110(d)(1) for the provision of pre-employment transition services.
(B) Shall be paid with non-reserved Program funds.
(g) When a student requires a personal device to participate in pre-employment transition services only, the Program may loan the device, contingent on availability. The student shall return the device when it is no longer required for participation in services.

Source: Rule 582-150-0050 — Services for students and youth provided as individual or group services, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=582-150-0050.

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