OAR 583-050-0014
Unaccredited Degrees

Effective January 13, 2015:


Users of unaccredited degrees may use the degrees in the following ways.


Unaccredited degrees that have achieved approval under ORS 348.609 (Representation of possession of academic degree)(1)(d) can be used without a disclaimer.


Unaccredited degrees that have not achieved approval under ORS 348.609 (Representation of possession of academic degree)(1)(d) can only be used with a disclaimer.


Degrees issued by degree mills are invalid for use, with or without a disclaimer.


Process for approval under ORS 348.609 (Representation of possession of academic degree)(1)(d). A claimant of an unaccredited U.S. degree may submit to the Commission information indicating that the school conferring the degree has the legal authority to issue degrees in another state and could reasonably be considered for approval in Oregon under OAR chapter 583, division 30.


A reasonable possibility of approval can be demonstrated by submitting to the Commission the appropriate review fee and sufficient evidence that the unaccredited institution could meet the academic standards established in OAR chapter 583, division 30 for authorization to operate in Oregon if it chose to make such an application.


The Commission may, upon its own motion, evaluate an unaccredited institution and determine whether it has a reasonable chance to meet Oregon authorization standards without a degree user making such a request.


If a request for evaluation under this section is not made tothe Commission’s executive director within 30 days of notification that an unaccredited degree is being used contrary to Oregon law, the degree user’s right to such a review is waived and the Commission may pursue appropriate enforcement action. Degree users may, within the first 30 days, request up to 30 additional days for the purpose of gathering material necessary to apply for an evaluation.


A claimant of a non-U.S. degree issued by a degree supplier not accredited by a U.S. accreditor may submit to the Commission information proving that the supplier issuing the degree has the following characteristics.


The supplier is operating legally as a degree-granting institution in its host country.


The host country has a postsecondary approval system equivalent to U.S. accreditation in that it applies qualitative measures by a neutral external party recognized in that role by the government.


The supplier has been approved through the demonstrable application of appropriate standards by the host country’s accreditor equivalent.


All degrees issued by the supplier are legally valid for use and professional licensure within the host country.

Source: Rule 583-050-0014 — Unaccredited Degrees, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=583-050-0014.

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