OAR 584-046-0020
Standard Administrative License Requirements

An applicant for a Standard Administrative License must:


Submit an application in the form and manner required by the commission;


Provide verification of three years of successful administrative experience in Oregon schools while holding a Basic Administrative License or a Five-Year Administrative License. Experience of superintendents may only be verified by the district’s deputy clerk, personnel officer, or board chairperson;


Provide either official transcripts together with verification of completion of an approved Standard Administrative License program, or official transcripts verifying completion of administrator preparation in addition to the master’s degree as required by OAR 584-046-0021 (Standard Administrator) or 584-046-0024 (Standard Superintendent) at an approved teacher education institution in another state;


Applicants who have completed a master’s degree plus at least 12 quarter hours of graduate preparation beyond requirements for the initial administrative license through an approved institution in another state prior to their first application in Oregon are evaluated for the standard license by TSPC. These applicants are advised by TSPC of the remaining requirements for the Standard Administrative License when the basic license is issued. A Preparation for Teaching Report, Form C-2, is not required for issuance of the Standard Administrative License for these applicants.


An applicant bears the burden of proving that he or she has met licensure requirements. The applicant must present evidence that the courses taken covered the required subject matter. In some cases, a transcript showing the course title will suffice; where the course title is not descriptive of course content, the applicant should present a syllabus or other description of course content in addition to the transcript.


Present evidence of knowledge of the laws prohibiting discrimination, if not previously verified;


Submit the fee and late fees if appropriate as indicated in OAR 584-036-0055;


Provide verification of recent educational experience; and


Verify completion of the academic preparation for one of the standard endorsements outlined in OAR 584-046-0021 (Standard Administrator) or 584-046-0024 (Standard Superintendent).

Source: Rule 584-046-0020 — Standard Administrative License Requirements, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=584-046-0020.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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