OAR 585-020-0060
Transfer of Equipment to Clients

(1) For equipment valued at $5000 or more, the counselor has the discretion of transferring ownership at successful closure of the client’s file or after at least one year of employment. This will be done after it is determined that the client is using the equipment for the purpose for which it was intended and that the job appears stable. Once ownership is transferred to the client, Commission will have no further obligation to repair or maintain the equipment.
(2) Commission may transfer items valued under $5,000 to clients at its discretion. This may be done only after determining that the client is using the equipment for the purpose for which it was intended.
(3) If the equipment is likely to be usable for other clients after the current client no longer requires it for employment, the counselor may determine that Commission will retain ownership. This determination will be made on an individual basis.
(4) Title for computer software will be transferred to clients at the time that they receive it.
(5) The client’s counselor may, subject to supervisor authorization, approve equipment to be purchased by Commission that is valued at $5000 or more, including all adaptive equipment to be used with the system. The counselor will identify an appropriate vendor for the equipment and authorize the purchase in accordance with state purchasing regulations.
(6) After ownership of the equipment has been transferred to the client, the client will be expected to continue appropriate maintenance, unless the client demonstrates that the cost of repairs would be prohibitive and that the job would be jeopardized if equipment were not repaired. The counselor will explain these restrictions to the client verbally and include the restrictions in the property receipt which the client signs.

Source: Rule 585-020-0060 — Transfer of Equipment to Clients, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=585-020-0060.

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