OAR 603-009-0060
Grant Awards


The Director will review the recommendations of staff as well as current information on available lottery revenues.


The Director will review those proposals that have been recommended by staff from the Department and will make one of the following decisions for each proposal.


Approval of project and grant award for the full amount requested;


Approval of project and grant award of partial amount requested. In this instance, the Director may elect to fund a portion or a phase of a project;


Deferral of proposal for further consideration based upon submission of additional information;


Denial of request. Applicants whose proposals are denied may reapply at subsequent deadlines.


The Director may invite applicants to make presentations on behalf of their proposals at review meetings.


Any funds not allocated within the current quarter may be carried forward into the next quarter.


Intentionally left blank —Ed.


Generally, the Director will obligate only those revenues available in the current quarter and will not obligate lottery revenues from future quarters to grants under consideration;


In some instances, project scope and duration may justify allocations of funds before collection. When this condition arises, the Director may make a commitment to an applicant based on forecasted and anticipated lottery revenues, provided:


The commitment clearly explains that any ultimate grant award is contingent upon actual lottery collections; and


The commitment provides options for both the applicant and the Director should the forecasted revenues fail to materialize. Options shall range from full award of the identified amount, a partial award based on proportions of lottery revenues (or other calculations), to cancellation of the commitment if revenues are too far below the forecasted levels.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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