OAR 603-050-0205

As used in OAR 603-050-0200 (Declaration of Policy) to 603-050-0230 (Penalties), unless the context requires otherwise:


“Certification” means the issuance of a certificate by the Department bearing official identification and verifying that the provisions of OAR 603-050-0210 (General Requirements and Standards for Controlled Atmosphere Storage) to 603-050-0225 (Special Requirements and Standards for Other Varieties of Pears) have been met as to any particular quantity or lot of apples or pears.


“Controlled Atmosphere Storage” means any produce storage establishment, or one or more rooms therein, in which the atmospheric gases are controlled in their amount or in degrees of temperature for the purpose of controlling the condition and maturity of fresh apples or pears.


“Official Identification” means the tag or label prescribed by the Department for an operator of a controlled atmosphere storage, which contains the number assigned to such operator preceded by the letters “CA,” and which may be affixed to a particular quantity or lot of apples or pears. Such tag or label shall conform to the size requirements set forth in subsection (3) of ORS 632.450 (Definitions for ORS 632.450 to 632.485).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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