OAR 603-073-0010


With the exception of the department’s authority to regulate the import, export, and commercial trafficking of threatened and endangered species, per ORS 564.120 (Transactions in threatened or endangered species)(1), nothing in OAR 603-073-0030 (Criteria for the Listing, Reclassification, and Removal of Plant Species from the State List) through 603-073-0110 (Reintroduction and Transplantation Protocols) shall be interpreted to require the protection of any population of any listed species occurring on private lands, or to require an owner of any private lands to take action to protect such a population or its habitat. Administrators of federal lands may cooperate and consult with the department, regarding these rules, and private landowners may request assistance in protecting threatened or endangered plant species on their property, at their discretion.


The provisions herein do not apply to lands acquired through foreclosures of loans and contracts made pursuant to programs of the Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs, per ORS 564.115 (Protection and conservation programs)(7), and to any other transitional lands acquired in a similar manner by other state agencies.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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