OAR 605-010-0040
Procedures for Collecting Delinquent Assessments


In the event of delinquent assessments, the Department shall submit the name(s) and contact information of those who are delinquent and the amount(s) delinquent to the Council.


The Council will notify the Cattlemen’s Beef Board as such delinquency pertains to the $1.00 ordered under the Beef Promotion and Research Act of 1985.


The Council may as such delinquency pertains to the 50 cents authorized by ORS 577.512 (Collection of federal assessment) and 577.532 (Mandatory expenditures from assessment moneys) send a demand letter. The demand letter shall include:


A statement that the assessment payment is due and delinquent and that the debtor is subject to a penalty for late payment, pursuant to ORS 576.355 (Penalty for delaying transmittal of funds);


The amount of assessments and penalties owed; and


A procedure for requesting reconsideration. The Council may offer a payment plan and include a payment plan request form with a demand letter. If offered, a payment plan must be based on a documented need resulting in an inability to make full payment, be interest bearing, and not exceed one year.


The Council may refer the matter, if unresolved, to the Oregon Department of Revenue sixty days after the date of a demand letter.


The Council may request that the Attorney General prosecute in the name of the State of Oregon suits and actions for the collection of assessments levied by the commission.

Source: Rule 605-010-0040 — Procedures for Collecting Delinquent Assessments, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=605-010-0040.

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