OAR 609-010-0140
Process for Declaration and Release of Funds


Council members will review the request to declare an Invasive Species Emergency.


During the review process, the Council may consider technical and other information obtained from sources other than the applicant, including, but not limited to, the Governor’s Natural Resources Cabinet.


If the Council declares an Invasive Species Emergency, the Council may enter an agreement with a person, state or local government, unit of state or local government, Indian tribe, or federal government that will be responsible for implementing a portion or all of the response plan. The agreement must include all terms required by law and include provisions for the following:


Incorporation of the response plan.


The maximum amount of Funds to be disbursed.


Disbursement of the Funds according to a payment schedule that is incorporated as an integral part of the agreement.


The recipient of Funds shall submit one or more interim reports for evaluation by the Council. The recipient of Funds shall submit the reports either on a schedule that is incorporated into the agreement or upon the request of the Council. Each report must include:


Documentation of project results to date;


Projections of short-range and long-range results;


Any modifications to the response plan;


Budget status; and


An update on the likelihood of successful eradication.


In the event an interim report is deemed unsatisfactory by the Council, the Council reserves the right to cancel the agreement and stop payments.


Within six months of the official close of the action items designated in the agreement, the Fund recipient shall submit a final report to the Council. This report will provide the most current and detailed information on project benefits as compared with the original criteria.


In the event that a Fund recipient cannot complete any project within the agreement timelines, the Fund recipient shall inform the Council and request a formal extension for use of the Funds.


The Fund recipient shall return all unexpended Funds to the Council for deposit in the Invasive Species Control Account.

Source: Rule 609-010-0140 — Process for Declaration and Release of Funds, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=609-010-0140.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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