OAR 611-010-0005


“Person” means any individual, corporation, association, partnership or joint stock company.


“Commission” means the Oregon Raspberry and Blackberry Commission.


“Casual Sale” means any sale or sales of caneberries made by the producer direct to the consumer where the total accumulated sales during a calendar year is not more than 5,000 lbs.


“First Purchaser” means any person who buys caneberries from the producer in the first instance, or handler who receives the caneberries in the first instance from the producer for resale or processing.


“Producer” means a person or other legal entity producing caneberries in Oregon for market, whether as a landowner, landlord, tenant, sharecropper or otherwise.


“Handler” means any producer, processor, distributor or other person engaged in handling or marketing of or dealing in caneberries, whether as owner, agent, employee, broker or otherwise.


Caneberries consists of the trailing berries species:


Rubus sp. hyb. (including, but not limited to, the cultivars Boysen, Logan, and Marion); and


R. Laciniatus West. (Evergreen Thornless Blackberry) and raspberries species including, but not limited to;


R. idaeus-strigosus L. (Red Raspberry); and


R. occidentalis L. (Blackcap Raspberry). All caneberry cultivars sold commercially are to be included.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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