OAR 629-170-0005


Terms used in OAR chapter 629, division 170 have the meaning given in ORS 477.001 (Definitions).


In addition, as used in this division,


“Firefighter” means an employee of the State Forestry Department or of a forest protective association, employed at the time of the alleged incident, whose duties included the abatement of uncontrolled fire as described in ORS 477.064 (Uncontrolled fire declared nuisance).


“Fire suppression activities”, “fire suppression actions” or “fire abatement duties” mean any of the myriad actions carried out as responsibilities of employees of the State Forestry Department or forest protective associations relating to suppressing fire including, but not limited to, attacking fires by building line or spraying water, using fire to burn out control lines or back fire, operating firefighting equipment, directing or planning the attack, operating or directing aircraft, dispatching resources and supporting firefighters logistical needs.


“Under the direction and control of the forester” means and includes, in addition to fire suppression activities on lands provided fire protection directly by the State Forester pursuant to ORS 477.210 (Duty of owner to protect forestland)(4) and (5), any firefighter assignments to fire suppression activities authorized by the forester pursuant to agreements with cooperating fire protection jurisdictions authorized under ORS 477.200 (Northwest Wildland Fire Protection Agreement) or 477.406 (Cooperative contracts or agreements for forest protection or forest related activities).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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