OAR 629-620-0000


OAR 629-620-0000 (Purpose) through 629-620-0800 (Notification of Community Water System Managers When Applying Chemicals) shall be known as the chemical and other petroleum product rules. In addition to the application of chemicals, operators should be aware that certain requirements of these rules also apply to the use of other petroleum products, such as fuel and lubricants, on any forest operation.


Operators are encouraged to voluntarily use integrated pest and vegetation management processes. The use of pesticides is one of a variety of integrated pest management strategies that forest landowners may implement to minimize the impact of forest pests in an environmentally and economically sound manner to meet site specific objectives. When properly used, pesticides and other chemicals can be effective tools in the growing and harvesting of forest tree species.


The purpose of the forest practice chemical and other petroleum product rules is to establish requirements that will ensure:


Chemicals and other petroleum products used on forestland do not occur in the soil, air, or waters of the state in quantities that would be injurious to water quality or to the overall maintenance of terrestrial wildlife or aquatic life; and


The vegetative components of riparian management areas and sensitive resource sites receive protection on herbicide operations consistent with the purposes of the reforestation rules, the requirements of the sensitive resource site rules, and the vegetation retention goals of the water protection rules.


All distances listed in the chemical and other petroleum product rules shall be measured horizontally.


Operations involving the use of chemicals and other petroleum products on forestland are also subject to the pesticide control laws administered by the Department of Agriculture, hazardous waste laws administered by the Department of Environmental Quality, hazard communication rules administered by the Occupational Safety and Health Division, and the water use laws administered by the Water Resources Department. Maximum contaminant levels in drinking water for certain pesticides are established by the Health Division.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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