OAR 629-655-0000
Protection Measures for “Other Wetlands,” Seeps and Springs


There is no riparian management area for other wetlands, seeps and springs.


When operating in or along other wetlands greater than one-quarter acre, the operator shall:


Protect soil and understory vegetation from disturbance that results in reduced water quality, hydrologic function or soil productivity. Operators shall protect hydrologic functions by minimizing disturbances to soils during forest operations and shall prevent accelerating the natural conversions of wetlands to uplands;


Leave snags and downed trees in the wetlands, except for any snags determined by the State Forester to be fire hazards, or any snags that must be felled to achieve compliance with the safety requirements found in OAR 437, division 007, Forest Activities.


Any snags felled because of safety or fire hazards shall be left unyarded.


Snags and downed wood left within other wetlands, seeps or springs may apply toward the requirements of ORS 527.676 (Leaving snags and downed logs in harvest type 2 or 3 units).


When conducting operations along other wetlands less than quarter acre, springs or seeps, operators shall protect soil and vegetation from disturbances which would cause adverse effects on water quality, hydrologic function, and wildlife and aquatic habitat.


Identification of other wetlands is sometimes difficult, especially when the wetland has no standing water. This is particularly true when the other wetland is forested or very small. In recognition of these facts, the State Forester shall apply appropriate discretion when determining compliance with this rule.


Operators are encouraged to:


Retain portions of in-unit live green trees and snags as blocks of intact vegetation around other wetlands; and


For other wetlands that are forested, adequately consider how reforestation will be accomplished.

Source: Rule 629-655-0000 — Protection Measures for “Other Wetlands,” Seeps and Springs, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=629-655-0000.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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