OAR 632-035-0050


Prior to the initiation of a formal appeal of any departmental order, notice, or other action, made pursuant to ORS 517.750 (Definitions for ORS 517.702 to 517.989) to 517.950 or the rules adopted thereunder, the applicant or permittee shall first request that the State Geologist informally review and resolve the matter. The State Geologist will provide a written decision within 20 days of receipt of such an informal request. If the State Geologist is unable to resolve the informal request, the applicant or permittee may request a contested case hearing. Appeals must be filed within 30 days of receipt of the State Geologist’s written decision except as otherwise provided by ORS 183.435 (Period allowed to request hearing for license refusal on grounds other than test or inspection results).


An applicant or permittee requesting a hearing for consideration of any appeal shall state the reasons for requesting the hearing and the objections to the Department’s order, notice, or other action.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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