OAR 635-040-0014
Permits, Licenses and Reports Required of Private Salmon Hatchery Operators

This rule cross-references and lists other permits, licenses, and reports required of private salmon hatchery operators. Private salmon hatchery operators shall obtain the following permits and provide the following reports:


Wholesale Fish Dealer License. Each private salmon hatchery operator who harvests salmon pursuant to permits issued under ORS 508.700 (Permits for salmon hatcheries) shall first obtain a wholesale fish dealer license. Monthly reports and payment of poundage fees are required as provided in OAR 635-006-0200 (Required Records) through 635-006-0220 (Waiver of Monthly Report) on all fish harvested upon return to the private hatchery. No poundage fees are required for those returning fish which are released alive in waters of the state.


Fish Propagation License. Fish propagation licenses are required for private hatcheries and support facilities which propagate, rear for sale, or sell live fish which are not released. Regulations governing fish propagation licenses are found in OAR 635-007-0650 (Fish Propagation License Required) through 635-007-0670 (Revocation of Fish Propagation License). A fish propagation license is not required for incubation and rearing for release of permitted species at the authorized private salmon hatchery site.


Fish Transport Permit. Fish transport permits are required as provided in OAR 635-007-0600 (Permit Required to Transport, Hold, or Release Fish).


Release Permits. Separate release permits are required for each group or period in which fish are released from the release-recapture sites. It is expected that such period shall generally be on a two-week basis.


Reports of Disease Examinations. Reports of disease examinations, indicating disease status, are required prior to release, in accordance with ORS 508.715 (Conditions of permits)(2). Disease examinations conducted within six weeks prior to release meet the requirements of this section.


Monthly Reports. Reports of all fish released are required. Such reports shall include: Species, number, number marked, tag loss, size, and dates of release. Each operator shall verify the data contained in monthly reports as shown in the annual Department summary report of all releases.


Biological Data. The Department may require reports showing biological data from salmon returning to private hatchery facilities for the monitoring and evaluation of hatchery operations. The mark recovery information from these reports shall be provided to the regional Mark Processing Center by the Department.


Monthly Reports of Fish on Hand. Monthly reports of fish on hand at each facility, whether operated by the permittee or by a contractor on the permittee’s behalf, shall be submitted to the Department.


Fish Loss Report. A report of any fish loss which exceeds 0.1 percent per week in any one pond shall be immediately made to Fish Propagation Section of the Department by telephone and by written report as provided in OAR 635-007-0580.

Source: Rule 635-040-0014 — Permits, Licenses and Reports Required of Private Salmon Hatchery Operators, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=635-040-0014.

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