OAR 635-062-0045
Facility Requirements


A holder of an Oregon Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit (and any subpermittee) must maintain wildlife held for rehabilitation in a humane manner by:


Providing a level of care meeting the Minimum Standards set by The International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council/National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association (IWRC/NWRA) in 2012 unless different standards are established in Exhibit 1 Caging and Enclosure Standards for the Rehabilitation of Black Bears and Ungulates (635-062-0025 (Restricted Species with Conditions)). This is to prevent distress from captivity, injury, sickness, neglect or disease and be used as guidelines for the care and housing of rehabilitated wildlife which, at the minimum, include but is not limited to the following;


Appropriate food for each species and water of sufficient quantity and quality to allow for normal growth, healing, or maintenance of body weight shall be provided;


Shelter sufficient to protect from adverse elements, protect from predators, to prevent escape, and injury. Any other requirement particular to the survival of the animal shall also be provided;


Sufficient space for exercise necessary for the health, rehabilitation and eventual release of the animal shall be provided;


Confinement areas shall be cleaned and kept free from excess food or fecal waste or other contaminants which could affect the health of the animal;


Wildlife under rehabilitation will be maintained in a separate enclosure from regular human or domestic animal activity. Outdoor facilities must have visual barriers or adequate distance between wildlife and humans and domestic animals to prevent psychological and physical stress or habituation to care givers;


Wildlife may not be restrained with a chain, rope, tape, hobbles or similar holding devices except for jesses used for holding raptors and during procedures required for safe handling.


The permittee may receive from the Department and possess at the wildlife rehabilitation facility dead wildlife for the purpose of feeding wildlife in rehabilitation. Deceased wildlife received for purposes of feeding wildlife rehabilitation patients may not be used for human consumption.

Source: Rule 635-062-0045 — Facility Requirements, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=635-062-0045.

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