OAR 635-066-0020
Controlled Seasons


Controlled hunt tags shall be issued by a controlled hunt drawing following the procedures established in OAR chapter 635, division 060. Controlled hunt tag numbers for 2021 are listed in the 2021 “Oregon Big Game Regulations” and are adopted and incorporated into OAR chapter 635, division 066 by reference.


Persons receiving a controlled black bear tag may also purchase a general season black bear tag and one Oregon Additional Bear Tag.


No person shall use dogs to hunt or pursue black bear.


No person shall use bait to attract or hunt black bear.


The skull of any bear taken must be presented to an ODFW office or designated collection site. The person who took the animal is responsible to have it presented, within 10 days of the kill, to be checked and marked. Skull must be unfrozen when presented for check-in. Check-in at ODFW offices must occur during normal business hours (8–5, Mon–Fri.). Hunters are required to check in the skull only for the purpose of inspection, tagging and removal of a tooth for aging.


When the bear skull is presented at check-in information that must be provided includes: 1) date of harvest and location of harvest including Wildlife Management Unit, and 2) complete hunter information including the issued date and time of a paper tag or the confirmation of an electronic tag; a completed “Wildlife Transfer Record Form” as found in the current year’s Oregon Big Game Regulations is an alternative for providing the required information.
(7) All land within one mile of the Rogue River between Grave Creek and Lobster Creek is closed to bear hunting.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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