OAR 635-100-0135
Survival Guidelines for Species Listed as Threatened or Endangered


As required by ORS 496.182 (Protection and conservation programs) and OAR 635-100-0130 (Requirement for Survival Guidelines), this rule describes survival guidelines for those species that were listed as threatened or endangered in 635-100-0125 (State List of Threatened and Endangered Species) after enactment of ORS 496.182 (Protection and conservation programs)(2). Survival guidelines described in this rule apply to state agencies that own or manage land where threatened or endangered species are present (OAR 635-100-0130 (Requirement for Survival Guidelines)).


Coho salmon with historic distribution in Columbia River tributaries downstream from Hood River qualify, by commission action, as an endangered species (OAR 635-100-0125 (State List of Threatened and Endangered Species)) effective July 1999. These fish, known as lower Columbia River coho salmon, occur only in the Clackamas River and Sandy River watersheds at the time of listing. The survival guidelines are as follows:


To prevent further degradation of water quality and water quantity, actions shall be avoided that:


Cause a violation of water quality standards established by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality; or


Reduce stream flows below levels established in in-stream water rights by the Oregon Water Resources Department.


To conserve stream gravel, actions shall be avoided that remove gravel from areas used by naturally spawning coho salmon;


To protect riparian areas along those streams used by coho salmon for either spawning or juvenile rearing, actions shall be avoided that:


Eliminate mature forests within 100 feet of streams;


Prevent the natural re-establishment of mature forests within 100 feet of streams in areas where a mature forest previously existed; or


Degrade vegetative cover within 100 feet of streams in areas where no forest has previously existed.


To ensure survival of migrating coho juveniles and returning adults, activities shall be avoided that are inconsistent with:


Fish passage statutes ORS 498.351 and 509.605. These statutes require adequate upstream and downstream fish passage at dams or artificial obstructions; or


Fish screening statutes ORS 409.301 through 498.346 (Injunction to require compliance with screening or by-pass requirements) and 509.615. These statutes regulate water diversions and the prevention of fish from entering water diversions.


The total mortality impacts on ocean and in-river fisheries shall not exceed 15% of the total adult abundance of wild Lower Columbia coho salmon;


The impacts of hatchery programs for coho salmon in the lower Columbia River on wild coho populations shall be consistent with the limits imposed by the Wild Fish Management Policy (OAR 635-007-0527).

Source: Rule 635-100-0135 — Survival Guidelines for Species Listed as Threatened or Endangered, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=635-100-0135.

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