OAR 635-110-0005

(1) “Depredation” means an incident or event that results in the confirmed injury or death of lawfully present livestock or working dogs on federal, state, tribal, or other public lands, or private lands, by one or more wolves.
(2)“Identified circumstance” means a condition which:
(a) The Department determines, based upon its investigation of the situation, attracts wolves and fosters conflict between wolves and livestock; and
(b) The Department advises the landowner, livestock producer or grazing permittee to remedy; but
(c) The landowner, livestock producer or grazing permittee fails to remedy.
(3) In the areameans where the Department has determined the presence of the depredating wolves.
(4) “Lethal take” means management actions resulting in the death of a wolf or wolves.
(5)“Livestock” means ratites, horses, mules, jackasses, cattle, llamas, alpacas, sheep, goats, swine, domesticated fowl, bison, and livestock working dogs, and any fur-bearing animal bred and maintained (commercially or otherwise) within pens, cages and hutches.
(6) Non-injurious harassment” means scaring off a wolf (or wolves) without doing bodily harm, and includes, but is not limited to, making loud noises or otherwise confronting the wolf (or wolves).
(7) “Non-lethal injurious harassment” means scaring off a wolf (or wolves) older than six months without killing but with some injury to the wolf.
(8) “Other wolf-livestock conflict” means testing, chasing, or otherwise disrupting livestock.
(9) “Take”, as defined by Oregon law (ORS 496.004 (Definitions)(16)), means to kill or obtain possession or control of any wildlife.
(10) “Working dogs” means guarding dogs and herding dogs used to actively aid in the herding or protection of livestock.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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