OAR 635-130-0020
Program Policies

In order to implement the Migratory Game Bird Management Plan, the Director is authorized to enter into agreements with governmental and private entities for the purposes of fulfilling the mission and policies of this plan. It is the policy of the Commission to:


Share the management responsibilities for migratory game birds with the federal government, primarily through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The Commission recognizes the authority and role of the federal government as provided by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 and its amendments; however, it encourages the Department to cooperate in Flyway Management Programs such as biological surveys, habitat development and acquisition, research, species planning, and the establishment of funding sources to maintain prescribed management programs;


Direct the Wildlife Division, through its Game Bird Program, to represent the state at all Flyway meetings and to implement Flyway management concepts and programs throughout the state. The Commission recognizes the Pacific Flyway Council and its technical committees as the primary decision-making bodies for the management of migratory game birds in the Flyway states, including Oregon. Because of the dynamics of these bird populations and due to shared interests in this international resource, the Commission recognizes the need for an ecosystem approach to migratory game bird management through Flyway programs;


Direct the Department to furnish assistance for an interim period of seven days in the absence of immediate corrective actions on the part of responsible federal agencies in the case of recurring damage to private property. The Commission recognizes the U.S. Department of Agriculture has primary responsibility for the control of damage to private property caused by migratory game birds; therefore, the Department will, upon initial receipt of a damage complaint, notify the appropriate federal agency of the situation to request their action on the problem; and


Prohibit the release of captive-reared waterfowl within the state for any purposes other than authorized dog training.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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