OAR 635-300-0001
Elkhorn Wildlife Area Program


The Commission approves the preferred alternative "A” identified in the Public Review Draft of the Elkhorn Wildlife Area program distributed on May 20, 1986. Approval of this alternative authorizes Department purchase, easement or lease of private properties in order to continue operation of the existing Elkhorn Wildlife Area Program. The Commission also approves documentation presented in the Public Review Draft of the Elkhorn Wildlife Area program and documents attached thereto and the July 7, 1986 Statewide Goal Compliance and Local Land Use Plan Compatibility Report issued by and available from the Department of Fish and Wildlife at its Salem headquarters office.


The Commission finds that:


Continuation of the current Elkhorn Wildlife Area program will reduce big game damage to agricultural and forest uses by providing alternative feed sources at specific locations under controlled and timely circumstances;


The program will enable numbers of big game to be maintained at a level providing optimal hunting and other recreational opportunities;


Equitable and orderly enjoyment of wildlife will be enhanced by the public access to be made available on the lands or interest therein acquired for the feeding program; and


The benefits of continuing the existing program exceed costs of reducing or discontinuing the program by assuring the economic contribution of recreational hunting to the state and local economy while reducing or eliminating big game damage.

Source: Rule 635-300-0001 — Elkhorn Wildlife Area Program, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=635-300-0001.

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