OAR 635-420-0050
Minimum Standards for Fencing

Fencing which meets the following minimum specifications shall be placed around all chemical processing solutions and associated wastewaters which are not contained:


Fences shall be a minimum of eight feet in height. Higher fences may be required by the Department if necessary due to the characteristics of the mine site, including but not limited to slope or topography or the wildlife species identified in the baseline data.


A ground cloth of a minimum of 0.5 inch mesh shall cover the lower 30 inches of the fencing and shall extend below and horizontal to the ground surface for a distance sufficient to exclude burrowing mammals. The ground cloth shall be galvanized hardware cloth or other material of equivalent or better strength, durability and resistance to penetration by wildlife. The Department shall determine appropriate mesh sizes, depths and horizontal distances based on the soil horizons and wildlife species identified in the baseline data.


If fencing materials other than chain link or cyclone fencing are used, the following additional minimum specifications shall be followed:


Wooden posts not less than 11 feet 6 inches long or #133 studded “T” steel posts not less than ten feet long shall be used as line posts. When steel posts are used, every seventh post shall be wooden;


Wood posts shall have a top diameter of not less than five inches and shall be free from defect, decay or damage. They shall be treated for at least three feet at the base with a wood preservative to prevent decay or insect damage;


Wood posts shall be sunk at least two feet six inches into the ground and set no more than one rod apart. Posts shall be securely braced at the corners, angles, and at intervals along the line;


The fence shall be constructed of 14.5 gauge woven wire with vertical stays every six inches and no less than 17 horizontal line wires. The bottom of the fence shall be at ground level. The wire shall be tightly stretched and firmly stapled with 1.5-inch staples at the rate of ten staples per post.

Source: Rule 635-420-0050 — Minimum Standards for Fencing, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=635-420-0050.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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