OAR 658-010-0015


“Person” means any individual, corporation, association, partnership or joint stock company.


“Commission” means the Oregon Potato Commission.


“First Purchaser” means any person who buys potatoes from the producer in the first instance, or handler who receives the potatoes in the first instance from the producer for resale or processing.


“Producer” means a person or other legal entity engaged in the business of growing or producing potatoes in Oregon, for market, whether as a landowner, landlord, tenant, sharecropper or otherwise.


“Handler” means any producer, processor, distributor or other person engaged in handling or marketing of or dealing in potatoes, whether as owner, agent, employee, broker or otherwise.


“Potatoes” means potatoes that belong to the genus Solanum Tuberosum L. grown commercially in the State of Oregon. All potato cultivars sold commercially for whatever purpose are subject to these rules.


“Reporting Year” means a calendar year beginning July 1 and ending June 30.


“Assessment Period” means the current reporting year, plus the previous two reporting years.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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