OAR 660-017-0005

As used in this rule, unless the context requires otherwise:


“Alteration” means any man-caused change in the environment, including physical, topographic, hydraulic, biological, or other similar environmental changes, or changes which affect water quality.


“Altered Shorelines” include shorelines with bulkheads, seawalls, riprap, or other physical structures, but do not include earthen, vegetated dikes.


“Commission” means the Oregon Land Conservation and Development Commission.


“Design Depth” means the channel depth authorized by Congress and maintained by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The actual maintained depth of a channel may exceed the design or authorized depth because of:


The limits of dredging precision which causes “overdepth”; and


The practice, where approved by the Corps of Engineers, of “advanced maintenance” overdredging which designates the amount of extra depth to be dredged to insure clear project depths for the time period between maintenance operations.


“Entrance Channel” means that portion of the waterway exposed to wave surge from the open sea and which provides protected access or opening to the main channel, as authorized by the Corps of Engineers.


“Estuary” means a body of water semi-enclosed by land, connected with the open ocean, and within which salt water is usually diluted by freshwater derived from land. The estuary includes estuarine water, tidelands, tidal marshes, and submerged lands. Estuaries extend upstream to the head of tidewater, except for the Columbia River estuary, which, by definition, is considered to extend to the western edge of Puget Island.


“Jetty” means a structure extending seaward from the mouth of a river designed to stabilize the river mouth by preventing the build up of material at the river’s mouth, and to direct or confine the stream or tidal flow.


“Main Channel” means that part of a waterway which extends upstream from the entrance channel into the estuary proper (also called “inner channel”). All or segments of the main channel may be maintained by dredging. The main channel does not include auxiliary channels or waterways.


“Maintained Channels and Jetties” are only those channels or jetties authorized by Congress and which are periodically rehabilitated to deepen or stabilize the watercourse.
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