Oregon Land Conservation and Development Department

Rule Rule 660-033-0080
Designation of High-Value Farmland


The commission may review comprehensive plan and land use regulations related to the identification and designation of high-value farmland under procedures set forth in ORS 197.251 (Compliance acknowledgment) or 197.628 (Periodic review) through 197.644 (Modification of work program).


Counties shall submit maps of high-value farmland described in OAR 660-033-0020 (Definitions)(8) and such amendments of their plans and land use regulations as are necessary to implement the requirements of this division to the commission for review. Counties shall submit high-value farmland maps no later than the time of the first periodic review after December 31, 1994. The submittal shall include the notice required by OAR chapter 660, division 18 or 25, whichever applies.

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