OAR 660-034-0010

As used in this division, unless the context requires otherwise:


“Administrative site” is property owned or managed by OPRD that is used solely for state park administration or maintenance facilities, or both, and which is not within or contiguous to a state park.


“Agricultural land” shall have the same meaning as OAR 660-033-0020 (Definitions)(1).


“Camper cabin” is a camp structure with no permanent foundations or plumbing, located within a camping area and intended for occupancy by one to eight persons.


“Camp store” is an enclosed building not exceeding 1500 square feet for the sale of sundries to registered campers in camping areas within the park.


“Endowment property” is property owned by OPRD which has no known outstanding resources or recreational values that would support the state park system mission and role, and which is intended for sale, lease, trade or donation to a different entity or for management for a purpose which does not directly support the state park system mission and role.


“Forest land” shall have the same meaning as provided in Goal 4.


“Group shelter” is an open sided or enclosed permanent building that does not include bedrooms, but may include plumbing, fireplace, barbecue, and picnic tables, for use by registered campers in a group camping area.


“Local park” is a public area intended for open space and outdoor recreation use that is owned and managed by a city, county, regional government, or park district and that is designated as a public park in the applicable comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance.


“Open play field” is a large, grassy area with no structural improvements intended for outdoor games and activities by park visitors. The term does not include developed ball fields, golf courses or courts for racquet sports.


“OPRD” means the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.


“PAPA” is a “post acknowledgment plan amendment” conducted according to the requirements of ORS 197.610 (Submission of proposed comprehensive plan or land use regulation changes to Department of Land Conservation and Development) to 197.625 (Acknowledgment of comprehensive plan or land use regulation changes). The term includes amendments to an acknowledged comprehensive plan or land use regulation and the adoption of any new plan or land use regulation.


“Park retreat” is an area of a state park designated for organized gatherings. Facilities within a park retreat are for use only by registered retreat guests. A park retreat must include a meeting hall and designated parking, and may also include other park amenities and support facilities.


“Park visitor” is any member of the public who enters a state or local park for the primary purpose of enjoying or learning about the natural, historic or prehistoric, or scenic resources associated with the park setting.


“Preliminary draft master plan” is a proposal for a state park master plan which has been prepared for adoption as an administrative rule by OPRD under the provisions of OAR chapter 736, division 18, and which is provided to local governments and the public for review and comment.


“Recreation shop” is an open or enclosed building not exceeding 500 square feet of floor area for the rental of horses or recreational equipment such as bicycles and boats and for the sale of incidental related items such as bait and fishing flies.


“State park” is any property owned or managed by OPRD and that OPRD has determined possesses outstanding natural, cultural, scenic or recreational resource values that support the state park system mission and role. The following OPRD properties are not state parks for purposes of this division: endowment properties and administrative sites.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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