OAR 660-037-0040

For purposes of division 037, the definitions contained in ORS 197.015 (Definitions for ORS chapters 195, 196, 197 and ORS 197A.300 to 197A.325) and the Statewide Planning Goals (OAR chapter 660, division 015) apply. In addition, the following definitions apply:


“Designated water-dependent shoreland site” means an estuarine shoreland area designated in a comprehensive plan and land use regulation to comply with Coastal Shoreland Uses Requirement 2 of Goal 17, Coastal Shorelands (OAR 660-015-0010 (Statewide Planning Goals and Guidelines #16 Through #19)(2)).


“Goal 2 Exception” means the land use planning requirements waiver process provided in Goal 2, Land Use Planning, Part II (OAR 660-015-0000 (Statewide Planning Goals and Guidelines #1 through #14)(2)) and OAR chapter 660, division 004, Interpretation of Goal 2 Exception Process.


“Periodic review” means the land use planning process described in ORS 197.628 (Periodic review) through 197.646 (Implementation of new requirement in goal, rule or statute).


“Post-acknowledgment plan amendment” means an action taken in accordance with ORS 197.610 (Submission of proposed comprehensive plan or land use regulation changes to Department of Land Conservation and Development) through 197.625 (Acknowledgment of comprehensive plan or land use regulation changes), including amendments to an acknowledged comprehensive plan or land use regulation and the adoption of any new plan or land use regulation. The term does not include periodic review actions.


“Structure or facility that provides water-dependent access” means anything constructed or installed, regardless of its present condition, functionality or serviceability, that provides or provided water-dependent uses with physical access to the adjacent coastal water body. Examples include wharves, piers, docks, mooring piling, boat ramps, water intake or discharge structures, or navigational aids.


“Water-Dependent Use.”


The definition of “water-dependent” contained in the Statewide Planning Goals (OAR chapter 660, division 015) applies. In addition, the following definitions apply:


“Access” means physical contact with or use of the water.


“Requires” means the use either by its intrinsic nature (e.g., fishing, navigation, boat moorage) or at the current level of technology cannot exist without water access.


“Water-borne transportation” means uses of water access:
Which are themselves transportation (e.g. navigation);
Which require the receipt of shipment of goods by water; or
Which are necessary to support water-borne transportation (e.g. moorage fueling, servicing of watercraft, ships, boats, etc. terminal and transfer facilities).


“Recreation” means water access for fishing, swimming, boating, etc. Recreational uses are water dependent only if use of the water is an integral part of the activity.


“Energy production” means uses which need quantities of water to produce energy directly (e.g. hydroelectric facilities, ocean thermal energy conversion).


“Source of water” means facilities for the appropriation of quantities of water for cooling processing or other integral functions.


Typical examples of water dependent uses include the following:


Industrial — e.g., manufacturing to include boat building and repair; water-borne transportation, terminals, and support; energy production which needs quantities of water to produce energy directly; water intake structures for facilities needing quantities of water for cooling, processing, or other integral functions.


Commercial — e.g., commercial fishing marinas and support; fish processing and sales; boat sales, rentals, and supplies.


Recreational — e.g., recreational marinas, boat ramps, and support.




Certain scientific and educational activities which, by their nature, require access to coastal waters — estuarine research activities and equipment mooring and support.


For purposes of this division, examples of uses that are not “water dependent uses” include restaurants, hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, residences, parking lots not associated with water-dependent uses, and boardwalks.
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