Oregon Department of Agriculture, Oregon Blueberry Commission

Rule Rule 670-040-0060
Fee Waiver or Reduction

(1) Any person requesting a fee waiver or reduction from the commission must submit a completed Fee Waiver or Reduction Request Form available from the Oregon Blueberry Commission to the commission at the address provided in 670-040-0020 (Request to Inspect or Make Copies of Public Records).
(2) The commission may furnish copies without charge or at a substantially reduced fee if the commission determines that a fee waiver or reduction of fees is in the public interest because making the record available primarily benefits the general public.
(3) To determine whether to waive or reduce fees, the commission shall utilize the Public Interest Evaluation Form as provided in DAS policy 107-001-030.
(4) The reduced fee schedule is that listed in Department of Administrative Services policy 107-001-030:
(a) Clerical: $20 per hour;
(b) Managerial: $32 per hour;
(c) Professional: $60 per hour;
(d) Department of Justice, special attorney or other applicable legal fees;
(e) Copies, media, and postage fees will be based on current rates.

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Jun. 8, 2021