OAR 690-009-0020


“Confined Aquifer” means an aquifer in which ground water is under sufficient hydrostatic head to rise above the bottom of the overlying confining bed, whether or not the water rises above land surface.


“Commission” means the Water Resources Commission.


“Confining Bed”: means a layer of low permeability material immediately overlying a confined aquifer.


“Department” means the Water Resources Department, and consists of the Director of the Department and all personnel employed in the Department including but not limited to all watermasters appointed under ORS 540.020 (Watermasters) (536.039 (Water Resources Department)).


“Director” means the Water Resources Director.


“Hydraulic Connection” means that water can move between a surface water source and an adjacent aquifer.


“Unconfined Aquifer” means an aquifer in which the hydrostatic head at the upper surface of the ground water is atmospheric.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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