OAR 690-014-0170
Minimum Requirements for Maps for Permit or Transfer Final Order Claims of Beneficial Use


Maps submitted as part of the Claim of Beneficial Use shall be drawn in ink on at least 0.003-inch polyester film and otherwise conform to all the requirements for application maps as noted in OAR 690-310-0050 (Map to Accompany Application for Water Use Permit). If for irrigation, the area cross-hatchured shall not exceed the total acreage authorized in the permit or transfer final order involved. More than one permit or transfer may be entered on the same map if clearly identified by different cross-hatchuring. The map scale shall be 1“ = 1320’, 1” = 400’, or the original full-size scale of the county assessor map for the location. The preferred map size is 8 12“ x 11”. The maximum size shall be 30“ x 30” unless prior approval is obtained from the Department. Standard symbols shall be used as indicated in Department handouts.


Horizontal accuracy is required only to ten feet for the purpose of locating and quantifying water rights. Maps shall be developed from any standard survey method. Traverse closures are not required.


Maps shall clearly designate the place of use and point of diversion or appropriation for each source and use. Maps for permits or transfer final orders involving surface water must illustrate the source.


The map shall indicate by description, in relation to the point of diversion or appropriation, the location of any fish screens, by-pass devices, and measuring devices required by the permit or transfer final order.


The following statement shall be placed on the map: “This map is not intended to provide legal dimensions or locations of property ownership lines.”


Maps depicting municipal place of use need only show the township, range, section, and quarter-quarter sections where use has occurred under the subject permit. The scale for a municipal place of use map should be sufficient to identify the quarter-quarters involved in the place of use.


A CWRE may make a written request to the Director for a waiver of one or more mapping standards. The Director will determine whether the waiver shall be allowed and will respond to such requests in writing.

Source: Rule 690-014-0170 — Minimum Requirements for Maps for Permit or Transfer Final Order Claims of Beneficial Use, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=690-014-0170.

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