OAR 690-053-0030
Public Hearing


Based on review of the application, public comments received, the size of the project and other pertinent information, the Director will determine whether a public meeting and a request for additional studies or consultation will be required.


The public meeting may be omitted under one or more of the following circumstances:


The project generates less than 100 theoretical horsepower of electricity;


The proposed amendment does not involve a change in the annual amount of water used; or


The proposed amendment is one agreed upon by the Department and the affected resource agencies; or


No public comments were received raising substantial issues.


If the Director determines a public meeting is required, notice will be sent two weeks prior to the meeting to the applicant and to any person or agency submitting comments within the prescribed comment period or who participated in any earlier proceedings in the amendment process. Notice shall be sent by regular mail, or with the consent of the recipient, by electronic means.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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