OAR 690-078-0040
Information Required to Process a Water Use Permit Application for Chemical Process Mining

Prior to processing, applications to appropriate surface waters or groundwaters of the State of Oregon for chemical process mining shall include:


Proposed dates for the beginning of construction, completion of construction, and complete application of the water.


A map of the proposed place of water use prepared by a certified water right examiner in accordance with OAR 690-014-0150 and 690-078-0080 (Map to Accompany an Application for Water Use Permit for Chemical Process Mining).


A copy of the legal description of the property on which the water is to be used.


A copy of the well constructor’s log, if available, for any well already constructed.


A description, including drawings if required by the Department, of the proposed means of diversion, construction, and operation of the diversion works and transmission of the appropriated waters, including provisions, if any, to measure the amount diverted, to prevent damage to aquatic life, to prevent the discharge of contaminated water to a surface stream or to prevent damage to public uses of affected surface waters.


The horizontal distance from the proposed point of groundwater appropriation to the nearest surface water source, if less than one mile, and the difference in land surface elevation between them.


Land use information as outlined in the Department’s Land Use Planning Procedures Guide. If the land use information is not postmarked, or received by the Department, within 60 days of request, as evidenced by the receipt required in OAR 690-078-0030 (Information Required to File a Water Use Permit Application for Chemical Process Mining)(8), the Department shall conclude that the requirement for obtaining land use information has been met and may proceed with processing the application.


A copy of written authorization or easement permitting access to land not owned by the applicant and crossed by the proposed ditch, canal or other work.


A complete water balance for the project, including but not limited to estimates of evaporation, precipitation at the site, seepage, discharge and make-up water.


Such other information as the Department or Commission deems necessary.
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Source: Rule 690-078-0040 — Information Required to Process a Water Use Permit Application for Chemical Process Mining, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=690-078-0040.

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