OAR 690-082-0020

The following definitions apply to OAR 690-082-0010 (Purpose) through 690-082-0080 (Right to Petition):


“Affected Local Government”: Any local government as defined in OAR 690-005-0015 (Definitions), within who jurisdiction water is or would be diverted, conveyed, or used under a proposed or approved permit or certificate.


“Basin Program”: An administrative rule described in OAR 690-080-0000, adopted by the Water Resources Commission under ORS Chapter 536 (Water Resources Administration).


“Classified Uses”: Beneficial uses of water designated in the basin programs for which water use applications may be accepted.


“Commission”: The Water Resources Commission.


“Department”: The Water Resources Department.


“Director”: The Director of the Water Resources Department.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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