Oregon Water Resources Department

Rule Rule 690-320-0040
Incremental Perfection of a Municipal Water Right


A municipal supplier may incrementally perfect a portion of the quantity of water authorized by any of its municipal water use permits. For the purpose of incrementally perfecting water rights, a municipal supplier means:


Any incorporated city, village, or town;


A port formed under ORS 777.005 (Definitions for ORS 777.005 to 777.725 and 777.915 to 777.953) to 777.725 (Borrowing money to pay bonus) and 777.915 (Definitions for ORS 777.915 to 777.953) to 777.953 (Annexation);


A domestic water supply district formed under ORS Chapter 264 (Domestic Water Supply Districts); or


A water supply authority formed under ORS Chapter 450 (Sanitary Districts and Authorities).


The portion of water use that may be incrementally perfected by a municipal supplier shall not be less than 25 percent of the quantity originally authorized by permit. The perfection, or proof of appropriation, of each increment of water shall conform to the proof of appropriation requirements of OAR 690-330-0010 (Proof of Appropriation).


When a portion of a permit issued for municipal use is perfected by a municipal supplier, the remaining unperfected quantity of water shall remain in permit status without loss of priority. The increment of water perfected and confirmed by certificate shall be subtracted from the quantity of water originally authorized by permit. The remainder shall be the quantity of water subject to future perfection under the terms of the permit.


A municipal supplier shall notify the Department, in writing, of its intent to incrementally perfect a portion of its water right. Written notice shall include the following information:


The quantity of water diverted from each point of diversion, by month, for the preceding three years;


A plan of how the municipal supplier intends to develop successive increments of its water right; and


Maps that show where water will be put to use. Maps accompanying notification of intent to perfect an increment of a water right shall be prepared to the specifications described in OAR 690-310-0050 (Map to Accompany Application for Water Use Permit), except that a standard even scale less than 4” = one mile may be used if appropriate.


Municipal suppliers that incrementally perfect less than the full quantity of water authorized by permit may request further extension of the time limit to complete construction and apply water to beneficial use for the remaining, unperfected quantity of water. OAR 690-320-0010 (Extension of Time Limits) governing extension of time limits applies to unperfected municipal water rights.

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