OAR 690-503-0010

As used in this rule, unless the context requires otherwise:


The Sandy Basin is as shown by Water Resources Department Map No. 3.6 or 2C.6.


“Classification” or “classified” means the allowed and preferred beneficial use(s) of a given surface or groundwater source for which future uses of water shall be permitted. Except as otherwise provided by the Commission, the Department shall not issue permits to appropriate, and no use shall be initiated of, any of the surface or groundwaters of the Sandy Basin for any uses except those for which the waters are classified. A classification does not affect legal uses existing on the date of adoption or alteration of the classification. A classification does not affect the transfer to another beneficial use of any water right with a priority date prior to adoption of these rules.


“Aesthetic Use” means use of water within its natural course for maintaining and enhancing scenic values.


“Aquifer” means a water-bearing body of naturally occurring earth materials that is sufficiently permeable to yield useable quantities of water to wells or springs.


“Commission” means the Water Resources Commission.


“Department” means the Water Resources Department.


“Commercial Use” means use of water at a place where commodities or services are bought or sold, such as a gas station, restaurant, motel, etc.


“Domestic Use” means use of water for human consumption, household purposes, watering livestock necessary for the sustenance of a family and related accessory uses.


“Group Domestic Use” means delivery and use of water through a delivery system supplying water for domestic purposes to more than one residence or dwelling unit.


“Fish Life” includes use of water to support natural or artificial propagation of fish and other aquatic life.


“Industrial Use” means use of water associated with the production or manufacture of a product including other related miscellaneous uses.


“Irrigation Use” means the application of water to crops or plants by artificial means to promote growth, nourish plants, leach minerals, control frost, etc.


“Livestock Use” means use of water for domesticated animals and wild animals held in captivity as pets or for profit.


“Mining Use” means the use of water to extract metals or minerals including placer mining as defined in OAR 690, division 11, and leaching operations.


“Municipal Use” means the delivery and use of water through the water service system of an incorporated municipality or nonprofit corporation and includes quasi-municipal uses as defined in OAR 690, division 11.


“Public Park Use” includes use of water for domestic, irrigation, and visual display of water in a public park.


“Recreation” as a public use of water means any form of play relaxation, or amusement, mostly done during leisure, that occurs in or in conjunction with streams, lakes and reservoirs, including but not limited to boating, fishing, swimming, wading, and viewing scenic attractions.


“Statutorily Exempt Uses” means uses of groundwater as defined in ORS 537.545 (Exempt uses).
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