OAR 690-512-0010


Except as provided in OAR 690-512-0020 (Groundwater use in the Greater Harney Valley Groundwater Area of Concern), the groundwater and surface water of the Malheur Lake Basin are classified for direct appropriation of, or storage and use of, water for domestic, livestock, irrigation, municipal, quasi-municipal, industrial, mining, agricultural water use, commercial, power development, forest management, public uses, road watering, dust abatement and wildlife refuge management.


Definitions of classified uses. Except as specified in these rules, and unless the context requires otherwise, the definitions in OAR 690-300-0010 (Definitions) apply except that “public uses” are defined in OAR 690-077-0010 (Definitions)(27). “Exempt groundwater uses” are those uses defined in ORS 537.545 (Exempt uses).
NOTE: The Malheur Lake Basin is delineated on the agency Map 12.6, dated January 1, 1966.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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