OAR 690-517-0030

The following reservoir sites should be protected through the comprehensive land-use planning process for possible future development or until alternative methods of meeting water needs have been developed:


West Fork of the Millicoma River, site 223;


South Fork of Coquille River at Eden Ridge, site 430;


North Fork Coquille River, site 146A;


Rock Creek at Rasler Creek, site 201;


Catching Creek, site 101;


Fourmile Creek, site 158;


North Fork Floras Creek at Okietown, site 435;


North Fork Chetco River, site 239;


Wheeler Creek, site 241;


East Fork Winchuck River, site 243;


Joe Ney Slough.
[ED. NOTE: The South Coast Basin is delineated on agency Map, File 17.6, available from the agency.]
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Jun. 8, 2021

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