OAR 695-040-0110
Merit Evaluation


Applications shall be evaluated in accordance with the guidance adopted and periodically reviewed by the Board and made available to the public on the OWEB website and in Board meeting materials.


Through its merit evaluation, OWEB seeks to:


Ensure strategic and accountable investment of public funds;


Encourage continuous improvement in watershed councils’ organizational management, operating structure, and functions, and the planning and implementation of on-the-ground watershed protection, restoration, enhancement, and community engagement activities; and


Ensure watershed councils are working toward strengthening their role in watersheds through activities focusing on council resilience, leadership, collaboration, and representing a balance of interested and affected persons within the watershed as required by ORS 541.910 (Voluntary local watershed councils)(2).


Merit evaluation shall include reviews for:


Prior performance;


Progress in accomplishing council work plans that is demonstrated over time; and


Demonstration of progress toward the objectives described in section 2 above, as set forth in guidance adopted by the Board.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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