OAR 695-046-0010

In accordance with Section 4b of Article XV of the Oregon Constitution and ORS 541.956 (Watershed Conservation Grant Fund purposes), OWEB may consider grant applications that propose to acquire from willing sellers interests in water that result in Legally or Contractually Protected Instream Flow to maintain or restore streamflows for the benefit of watersheds and habitats for native fish or wildlife. This division supplements the OWEB Grant Program rules under OAR 695-005 and provides specific requirements for the OWEB water acquisition grant program. In the event of any conflict between these requirements and requirements identified in OAR 695-005, the water acquisition grant requirements in this division will take precedence. OWEB does not itself hold an interest in water rights in grants authorized under these rules, but rather allocates funding for Water Acquisition Projects to other entities, which may result in the State of Oregon or other entities holding the interest in water rights.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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