OAR 698-015-0050

(1) In accordance with ORS 541.977 (Definitions for ORS 541.977 to 541.989)(3) and (4), OWEB may consider Working Land Conservation Covenant and Easement Grant applications to acquire a nonpossessory interest in working land for a permanent or fixed term that imposes limitations or affirmative obligations.
(2) Working Land Conservation Covenant and Easement Grant applications shall:
(a) Be consistent with OAR 698- 005;
(b) Be submitted on the most current form and process prescribed by the Commission;
(c) State the amount and type of match contribution; and
(d) If the application is for a covenant, include the duration of the covenant.
(3) If the covenant is identical in duration to a conservation management plan for the working land that is funded by the OAHP Conservation Management Plan Grant Program, the covenant must refer to the conservation management plan in the text of the covenant.
(4) If there is a stream on the project, the covenant or easement application shall describe how either the easement or the management plan and associated monitoring addresses the local Agricultural Water Quality Management Area Plan goals. Easement monitoring shall include any riparian monitoring identified in the application.
(5) If a pre-existing or new conservation management plan is proposed as part of an application for a covenant or easement under this program, the proposed plan must be agreed to by the landowner, applicant, and commission before closing.
(6) The Commission may consider proposals that are received for covenants or easements that were acquired by the applicant after the previous application deadline.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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