OAR 705-010-0025


The Board shall provide guidance to all education entities on the definitions and methodologies to be used in setting targets for outcome measures when the Board distributes the achievement compacts.


The guidance shall include:


A calculation of the progress needed to achieve the high school and post-secondary education goals established in ORS 351.009 and a projection of the progress needed to achieve those goals by 2025;


Definitions and explanations of the outcomes to be measured and the methodologies for calculating such measures;


An explanation of the Board’s expectations for local priorities and examples of such priorities that would be acceptable to the Board, pursuant to OAR 705-010-0020 (Optional Local Priorities);


The determination of a sufficient number of students to require the inclusion of numbers and percentages for groups of students identified in OAR 705-010-0040 (Data for Student Groups); and,


Any other provision that the Board or Chief Education Officer determines is relevant to the completion of achievement compacts.


For school districts and education service districts, the Board’s guidance shall include:


Direction to include in the calculation of high school completion students who:


Were awarded a high school diploma in four or fewer years;


Were awarded a high school diploma in five years;


Were awarded a modified diploma;


Were awarded an extended diploma; and


Earned a General Educational Development (GED) certificate.


Data for the categories of high school completion indentified in subsection (3)(a) herein for the most recent year for which such data are available.


The Board may provide and collect data on other categories of students to be tracked separately, including those who:


Were awarded an alternative certificate;


Left school without receiving a diploma or certificate prior to age 21; and,


Were no longer qualified to be offered a free appropriate public education by a school district under ORS 339.115 (Admission of students) and did not receive a diploma or certificate.


The Board shall provide guidance to education entities regarding the progress needed to close the achievement gap between disadvantaged groups of students and other students when setting targets for disadvantaged groups of students.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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