OAR 715-011-0090

(1) The Model Rules of Procedure under the Administrative Procedure Act as amended and most recently adopted by the Attorney General and filed with the Secretary of State are adopted as the rules of practice and procedure of the Commission for the purpose of hearings within this section. The hearing will be conducted as a contested case hearing under the procedures set forth in ORS 183.413 (Notice to parties before hearing of rights and procedure) to 183.497 (Awarding costs and attorney fees when finding for petitioner).
(2) If mediation as described in 715-011-0085 (Determination)(2)(b) fails to resolve the parties’ differences within 30 days or the Commission or its delegate determines it is appropriate, or either party disagrees with the Commission’s final order, the Commission or its delegate shall promptly establish a date for a hearing on the complaint. Unless both parties agree to an extension of the period, the hearing shall be conducted within 30 days of:
(a) Failure of mediation;
(b) The date of determination by the Commission or its delegate if mediation is inappropriate; or
(c) Notice to the Commission of disagreement with the final order.
(3) The hearing shall be conducted in accordance with provisions of Oregon’s Administrative Procedures Act.
(4) The hearing shall be conducted by the Office of Administrative Hearings.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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