OAR 731-040-0010


OAR 731-040-0010 (Purpose) though 731-040-0064 (Civil Penalties for Failure to Pay a Toll) describe the process for initiating, evaluating, authorizing and administering tollway projects on state right of way proposed by private entities, local or regional governments and the Oregon Department of Transportation, and the establishment of tolling and toll rates. They include requirements for submitting project proposals; guidelines for considering financial and other issues; and requirements for consistency with other local, state and federal policies and processes. OAR 731-040-0010 (Purpose) through 731-040-0064 (Civil Penalties for Failure to Pay a Toll) shall be cited as the Tollway Rules.


Public-Private Partnerships as defined in OAR 731-070-0005 (Purpose and Intent of the Oregon Innovative Partnerships Program) and proposed under the Oregon Innovative Partnerships Program (ORS 367.800 (Findings) through 367.826) are subject to rules established in chapter 731, division 70, in addition to these rules as applicable.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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