OAR 732-010-0010
Formula Distribution

For those STF moneys distributed by formula:


The Division will distribute STF moneys regularly, and at least quarterly.


Each January, prior to the state biennium, the Division will estimate the STF moneys to be distributed during the biennium:


The estimate will include the reconciliation of STF receipts from prior years and funds unclaimed by STF Agencies; and


If necessary, the estimate may be adjusted during the biennium, in January, to reflect actual tax receipts and other revenues contributing to the STF moneys.


Formula allocation moneys will be made available to STF Agencies on the basis of population distribution:


Each STF Agency will receive a portion of the moneys based on their share of the state’s population;


The county population of STF Agencies that are counties and Districts will be determined by the most recent annual estimate of population of cities and counties by the State Board of Higher Education (ORS 190.510 (Definitions for ORS 190.510 to 190.610) to 190.610 (State census program)); and


Each Indian Tribe that is a STF Agency will receive STF moneys as share of their tribal population residing in Oregon:


Tribal population is defined as the members of each tribe residing in Oregon;


Each Indian Tribe will provide to the Division its population residing in Oregon by county of residence; and


The tribal populations will be subtracted from county populations before calculating the population of the Districts and counties.


The Division will supplement the Formula Allocation with Discretionary Account moneys as necessary to ensure that each STF Agency receives the Minimum Allocation or the Formula Allocation, whichever is greater.

Source: Rule 732-010-0010 — Formula Distribution, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=732-010-0010.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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