OAR 734-031-0001
Purpose and Scope


The purpose of Division 31 rules is to establish a Rest Area Sponsorship Acknowledgement program in compliance with 23 USC 111 and the Federal Policy on Sponsorship Acknowledgement and Agreements within the Highway Right of Way that provides citizens of Oregon an opportunity to contribute money, Highway Related Services or Products to support the development or ongoing operation and maintenance of the Oregon Department of Transportation’s Rest Areas.


An Acknowledgement Sign may be placed to recognize the Contribution when the Contribution represents a commitment of the Participant to provide for development of a Rest Area or ongoing operation or maintenance of a Rest Area. Contributions that do not meet the criteria in Division 31 rules may be recognized by means other than an onsite Acknowledgement Sign such as a letter of recognition, press release or other outreach materials, and web sites as determined appropriate by the Rest Area Operator consistent with federal and state regulations.


When a Rest Area is managed by the Travel Information Council or other entity by agreement with the Department, that agency or entity will be responsible for soliciting sponsorship Contributions and any acknowledgement of those Contributions following the program established in Division 31 rules.


All Contributions received through Rest Area sponsorships are assets of the Highway Trust Fund and shall only be used for highway purposes to facilitate the development or ongoing operation and maintenance of state highway Rest Areas.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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